In English is Tapio Linna’s metapolitical blog that researches, ponders and expresses views on big social and political issues. The blog is aimed for unbiased and independently thinking individuals who have a critical view of the society and are on the lookout for alternative views of understanding the reality.

The author of this blog, Tapio Linna (M.A.), is a writer and a journalist in his early fifties and lives in Helsinki, Finland. In the past years, he was the editor of Näköpiiri (’Horizon’, 1999-2002), a pioneering Finnish metapolitical magazine representing radical nationalist, new rightist and third positionists viewpoints. In early 1990s Linna gained some reputation as a radical nationalist political activist and as the chairman of the now-defunct National Radical Party.

The blog and its’ author are not connected to any Finnish or foreign political party or organisation.

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